About Me

I am a writer, activist and former resident hell raiser. I always seem to need a cause to fight for or an incredibly difficult series of goals to attain. Technically, I should not be here many times over and yet I seem to get off on thwarting medical statistics and being the exception while keeping humor and wit intact. I try to remain a ‘big picture’ person who still sees all the tiny pictures and possibilities at one time.

I started this blog for many reasons, but I think I can narrow it down to the three biggies.

First, I have an opinion about everything. I am a redhead and embrace many of those stereotypes because WOW are they are true (just ask my husband). Perhaps this will keep my tongue from bleeding and the people around me from thinking ‘is Michael going to say something’ because I believe in the direct approach.

The second is that I believe it is crucial for a writer to write every day and while I doubt I will post every day, this helps diversify my writing projects because when you are working on a long ass manuscript, sometimes you really need a change of pace, a writing breather if you will.

The last reason is that I need to start participating in life as a writer, rather than stake out a corner and just write. I need to build an audience as well as be a member of others’ audiences.

I don’t like boxes or limitations so my blog will probably be a little bit of everything, from relationship stuff to medical marvels to personal reflections to opinions about current events and politics. I plan to have a lot of fun with this so please follow my blog if you want to enjoy the ride with me.

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