I Am So Hungry

I am so hungry. Repeat this one million times. I am so hungry.

I don’t get to eat because of a test I’m having on Tuesday. I had to stop on Saturday. Normally people won’t have to stop but because I have Gastroparesis (my stomach doesn’t empty or does so incredibly slowly) so I am on strict orders to have nothing for days. Just water, and a little chicken broth (no noodles or chicken) but as little of that as possible, really just water.

No coffee. No meat. No snacking things. No chocolate. No cheese. No greens. Nothing healthy or unhealthy. Nothing at all. Just water. Normally I also take a health supplement called kratommasters. It is natural and very effective for me, and I highly recommend it. I had to skip on it as well unfortunately.

I feel tired, weak and not all here. I thought I’d be cranky – “hangry” but I’m not. Maybe that will come later. I can’t believe I have another day of this, technically more than a day.

I would say more. Make a few jokes, perhaps be a little witty, but remember I’m not all here (or really I’m nearly gone).

This probably sounds whiny but oh well. Typically people just have to stop eating at midnight the night before. I have to do it for three days. And it’s not even a restrictive diet. No juice. No other liquids. I can’t even have the hospital staple of Jell-O. Just water. Just water. Just water.

I am so hungry.



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