Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 2 – It’s A Sweet Valley World After All (Part 2)

Ready to rock out the rest of Sweet Valley High’s (the book series) second season? Let’s get to it! 😉

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The Season 2 “Perfect Size 6” (continued)

Episode 32 – “Bitter Rivals”: Amy Sutton, Elizabeth’s best friend from middle school, moves back to Sweet Valley. Elizabeth is thrilled and can’t wait for Enid, her new best friend, and Amy to meet each other. But Amy is not the same girl Elizabeth remembers. She has become superficial, flakey and completely boy-crazy. Elizabeth keeps trying to make plans with Amy, who stands her up, while Elizabeth keeps ‘accidentally’ standing Enid up. Amy makes the cheerleading squad and Lila throws a party for her ‘hot’ cousin. Lila tries to hook her cousin up with Amy, but he focuses his attention on Enid. Amy has a meltdown and it comes out that she has been nasty and threatened Enid before. Elizabeth drops Amy, realizing she really has changed, but at least she has Enid. While all of this was going on, Jessica and Cara started a relationship advice column in the high school newspaper, but Jessica uses it to try and break a couple up so she can get with the guy (Jay). It doesn’t work.

Episode 33 – “Malibu Summer”: Lila is spending her summer in Malibu as a mother’s helper and Jessica wants to join her. The two of them guilt Elizabeth into giving up an internship at city’s newspaper and she eventually caves. Jessica sticks Elizabeth with the bratty child the agency warns her about and chooses the Sargent household for herself because they are the cousins of a dreamy pop star named Tony Sargent that Jessica is dying to meet. When they arrive in Malibu Jessica is disheartened to learn that Tony Sargent will not be visiting, and she has to share a room with the baby, on a cot, because they live in a very small house. The house Elizabeth is staying in, however, has wings and is right on the beach. Jessica meets a guy named Cliff and Elizabeth agrees to babysit for Jessica on her day off so Jessica can go to Cliff’s party. The Sargents tell Elizabeth a friend named Jamie is going to stay with them for a few days and when she meets him she is instantly smitten and so is he. They talk about all kinds of intellectual stuff, while Jessica thinks he is a complete bore. Jamie and Elizabeth see each other in secret and she feels guilty because he is too old for her (he is in college after all). But then Elizabeth finds out that Jamie isn’t really Jamie, but Tony Sargent in disguise, trying to escape a crazed fan’s crazed boyfriend. The crazy boyfriend tracks him down when he is at a café with Elizabeth and attacks him with a knife. Elizabeth knocks the attacker out, but can’t face Tony/Jamie now that she knows the truth and she thinks he was just using her. There is a huge storm that hits Malibu and Jessica rescues a bratty kid who is on a bridge that is about to collapse (and does as soon as the child is rescued). Jessica is jealous Elizabeth landed Tony Sargent instead of her, and makes Elizabeth go to Tony’s concert. Tony sings a song he wrote for Elizabeth at the concert. Also, Lila keeps complaining about high school boys but dates a much younger guy, thinking he is older. Oops!

Episode 34 – “Jealous Lies”: Jean West wants nothing more than to join PBA, Sweet Valley High’s exclusive sorority, but her best friend Sandra Bacon is secretly desperate to keep her from joining. Sandra is jealous because Jean is more glamorous, prettier, smarter and a better cheerleader than she is. She is convinced Jean won’t be interested in being her friend anymore if she joins (and also wants something that is just hers). When Sandra can’t get out of nominating her, she becomes Jean’s sponsor and tries to sabotage her instead. Sandra assigns Jean with the task of getting a date from Tom McKay because that seems impossible, but Jean pulls it off, so Sandra tells Tom that Jean only asked him out as a prank for the sorority and he stands her up. Everyone in the sorority really likes Jean so they give her another chance, but Sandra is against it and Jean realizes Sandra is against her. Jean’s new task is to get another date with Tom and then publicly diss him at an upcoming dance. She gets the date, but when Tom confesses he is in love with her, Jean realizes she loves him too and can’t humiliate him. Sandra comes clean to everyone, including Jean about what she did, so they both get to stay in the sorority sans humiliating Tom. Meanwhile, Steven tells everyone he is going to drop out of college and work on a cruise ship for a year. Everyone flips out at first, but Elizabeth suggests they all act like they don’t care because Steven will change his mind. This ridiculous plan, works.

Episode 35 – “Taking Sides”: Enid and Lila are both into the new boy at Sweet Valley High, Jeffrey French. Jeffrey is a photographer for the school newspaper and Elizabeth agrees to help Enid land him, because she can’t stand the thought of Lila getting him. When Jessica finds out Elizabeth is helping Enid, she helps Lila because she can’t stand the thought of Enid getting him. Elizabeth keeps trying to push Jeffrey into going out with Enid, and while Jessica is sneakier about it – both ultimately fail. It is clear to everyone, but these four girls, that Jeffrey only has eyes for Elizabeth. Elizabeth finally gets Enid and Jeffrey together by putting Jeffrey up to auctioning a date with him for a canned food drive and makes sure Enid wins. They realize they just aren’t that into each other, but Elizabeth is more desperate than ever to get them together because she realizes she likes Jeffrey and feels guilty. Enid and Jeffrey get mad at Elizabeth since she won’t back off. Elizabeth and Jeffrey get together in the end. The twins’ nerdy and overweight cousin, Jenny, is visiting them. Jenny worships Jessica and Jessica treats her like crap, but she hits it off with Jessica’s new beau and he leaves Jessica for Jenny. Guess that is what they call karma?

Episode 36 – “The New Jessica”: Jessica is tired of everyone mixing up her and her sister with each other decides she needs a new look. She dyes her hair black, wears a bunch of European clothes on loan from the Lila Fowler collection and wears dramatic makeup. Everyone loves Jessica’s new look (even though she is acting like a condescending bitch and speaking in a bad accent the entire time), except for Elizabeth who is sad Jessica wants to look like her own person. Jeffrey mentions it is nice not to mix the twins up anymore and Elizabeth freaks out and thinks he is into Jessica. She tells Jessica, who makes a play for Jeffrey right away, but he rejects her. Again, he only has eyes for Elizabeth. Jessica is embarrassed so she lets Elizabeth keep thinking that Jeffrey is into her now. Jessica auditions for a modeling job, sure her new sophisticated look is the ticket, but the person running the fashion show asks Elizabeth (who is waiting for her sister) to be in it instead. Jessica goes back to her old look and poses as Elizabeth so she can still walk the runway and collect the cash. When the fashion people realize they’re twins, they both do a fashion show together and Jeffrey and Elizabeth make up.

Episode 37 – “Winter Carnival”: Elizabeth is getting fed up with her twin sister’s irresponsible and inconsiderate behavior. Elizabeth and Enid enter a TV trivia contest and Jessica and Amy copy their answers and are picked instead. Then Jessica takes credit for a dinner Elizabeth prepared when it was Jessica’s turn and Jessica keeps borrowing things without asking and sticking Elizabeth with the rest of her chores. When Jessica messes up a phone message, leaving a child Elizabeth was supposed to be watching stranded, it is the last straw. Jessica eager to get back in Elizabeth’s good graces rushes to give her a phone message from her ex-boyfriend Todd Wilkins, about plans they made. Elizabeth’s new boyfriend Jeffrey is there, however, and Elizabeth never told him about her plans with Todd, which conflicts with her plans with Jeffrey. Jeffrey leaves Elizabeth a note that tells her to meet him so they can talk; if she doesn’t he’ll assume they’re over, but Jessica never comes home with the car like she promised so Elizabeth doesn’t make it. Jessica tries to make it right up at a ski resort everyone is at and has to pose as Elizabeth because Elizabeth doesn’t know the plan. Someone tells Elizabeth they saw Jessica macking on Jeffrey so she gets pissed and goes home. Jessica calls her, but she hangs up on her and then Elizabeth has a horrible dream that Jessica came back home after Elizabeth hung up on and died in an accident. She is awakened by Jessica and is so relieved she is only dreaming that everything is forgiven. Elizabeth and Jeffrey are good again and everyone goes back to the resort to enjoy the winter carnival.

Episode 38 – “Starting Over”: Dana Larson’s cousin Sally is moving in with her family after being in foster care for years. Sally desperately wants to make things work in Sweet Valley, but Dana’s brother, Jeremy, is acting like a jerk towards her and Dana, the lead singer of The Droids, is dictating everything Sally should or shouldn’t do, down to her after school activities and what she wears. Sally doesn’t want Dana to dislike so she goes along with everything and does all of Dana’s and Jeremy’s chores. Jeremy’s friend Mark likes Sally, which makes Jeremy hate her even more. Then their parents find out Sally has been doing everyone’s chores and Dana and Jeremy get in trouble and they both get pissed at Sally. Sally is afraid they’re going to send her away again since her cousins resent her so much. On the way home from school one day, Jeremy insists on picking up some hitchhikers, against Sally’s advice, and the hitchhikers try to force the girls out of the car, but Sally convinces them to leave Dana and Jeremy alone and just take her. Dana and Jeremy feel lousy and get their friends (including Mark) to rescue Sally. Everyone is happy and when they get home they find out the Larsons are officially adopting Sally. Yay! Also, Jessica and Elizabeth hide a puppy from their parents, who gets into all sorts of trouble. They lose him on a walk and are so bummed their father surprises them with a puppy (the same one, but their parents don’t know!) and they name him Prince Albert.

Episode 39 – “Forbidden Love”: Michael Harris and Maria Santelli are engaged! But they have to keep it secret because their families, once the best of friends, have been feuding for years after a business deal gone wrong. At first everything is great, but soon after they get engaged Michael seems to change. He gets horribly jealous and possessive of Maria, and Maria finds out during a social studies project where they pretend to be married that they have completely different expectations and goals. Maria is helping Winston Egbert run for student council PTA representative, and Michael tells Maria she has to stop working with him and she refuses, so Michael announces that he is running for the same position (at their surprise engagement party no less) and that Maria is going to be his campaign manager. This is the last straw and Maria breaks off the engagement and goes after Winston who rushed off after Michael’s announcement. Michael and Maria’s families become friends again when they unite to stop their kids’ engagement, even though it is already over. Winston and Maria become an item.

Episode 40 – “Out Of Control”: Aaron Dallas, Jeffrey French’s best friend, is having serious anger issues. He keep picking fights with everyone and blowing up over every little thing. His coach has warned him: one more fight, and he is off the soccer team. Elizabeth writes an article for the school newspaper about witnessing Aaron’s latest blow-up on the field, and Aaron is pissed. Jeffrey keeps defending Aaron until he goes after Liz and then Aaron punches Jeffrey. Aaron’s girlfriend, Heather, goes to Elizabeth and Jeffrey and ask them to help her help Aaron. They get Aaron to agree to see a guidance counselor who solves his anger issues in a single appointment and everything is wonderful again. Aaron even gets to stay on the team because he is truly sorry. Meanwhile, Jessica’s latest get-rich-quick scheme is a line of beauty products made of soy called Tofu-Glo. She is able to sell like crazy but everyone demands their money back after it turns out the stuff is crap that smells bad and ruins everyone’s hair. Too bad Jess… 🙁

Episode 41 – “Spring Fever”: For spring break Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield visit their elderly aunt and uncle in Walkersville, Kansas. When they arrive they find out the local boys are eager to meet them, but the local girls already hate them (and of course the local boys are afraid of the local girls). They go to a carnival in town and Jessica falls for Alex Parker and sets Elizabeth up with his twin brother, Brad. Their Aunt Shirley keeps clutching her heart and asking for her pills whenever Jessica wears one of her outfits, talks to boys or wants to stay out late (poor woman). Jessica keeps sneaking out to meet Alex and Annie Sue, the ringleader of the local girls, catches her and blackmails her. A few days later, Annie Sue demands to ride a horse Jessica is watching for Alex and gets on without permission. The horse goes nuts and Jessica saves her, just as her family arrives (Aunt Shirley finally caught on) to find her. Jessica isn’t in trouble because she saved Annie Sue’s life and Annie Sue is nice, apologizes and throws a party. She also helps Elizabeth torture Alex for lying about having a twin brother, it was him all along, but Jessica doesn’t know!

Sweet Valley High Season 2: The Test Of Time

Time is such a funny thing, you always either have too much of it or (a more common problem for me) not enough of it. Want to know how to fix that problem? Adopt the Sweet Valley sense of time and you’ll be just fine! 🙂 Sweet Valley High has never really adhered to the concept of ‘real time’ because by the end of this season the twins have been juniors in high school for at least thirty months. This season is a little extreme when it comes to adding to this ridiculous sense of time. In this season alone, two years have gone by (two separate Christmases, two spring breaks and two summers). Craziness…

At first I wondered if the twins were vampires or something (I guess I read too much thriller, fantasy and YA horror) but I realized they’re both obsessed with tanning, so I had to nix that idea. Maybe they’re stuck in some loopy Twilight Zone thingie? Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem that bad. You get to be young, fun and dumb as long as you like. But then again it is prolonging the high school experience, which just sounds horrible. 😛

And there you have Sweet Valley High: The Book Series Season 2! Next week, it is back to Confessions of a Bookaholic – Sweet Valley High book posts. Season 3 hits the ground running – so don’t miss it! 😉


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