Dear Paris:

Sometimes there are no words, even for those who usually have far too many words. This is one of those times. I’m not going to talk about the attacks that happened in Paris yesterday, which by now everyone has surely heard about. There are more than enough news articles for that. I’m not going to give my opinion. It was a tragedy – not opinion – that’s a fact. I’m not going to place blame. I’m not going to talk about terrorism in general. I’m not going to talk about gun violence. I’m not going to focus on those who took too many lives (as I write this, there is still no final count, but it’s said to be more than 158 people) yesterday, because they do not matter. I’m not going to talk about what can be done next. I’m not going to talk about courage or love or hate or loss or fear – and I could talk about any of those things as they are all potent within these events.


I am not going to talk about those who lost their lives yesterday… but they are all that I will think about. As someone who is not so much religious as he is spiritual, I feel funny saying that I am sending prayers, because what do they mean? But I am sending love, light, positive vibes, healing energy and everything else I can to Paris. And to those who lost a loved one yesterday. And I do pray, or my version of prayer, for those whose lives were stolen. I wish them safe passage onto the next thing, whatever that may be. And perhaps even more, I pray for those they left behind. The ones who feel the loss and aren’t in a better place to ease that pain, or take it away.

I am thinking of Paris today. I think I will think about it for quite some time after. I am thinking of, praying for, sending love and healing energy and anything else I can to Paris, and to those who have been left behind. My heart joins the collective of hearts that are breaking; that are already broken. Taking the time to think and feel and focus less on the words. Because even these words mean nothing. For this – I have no words, except perhaps these:

Paris, je t’aime.


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