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LOST Writing FOUND – A Fricking Treasure Trove!

I first started working on my memoir, which is about rebirth in every sense (yes I am claiming the physical too, because I actually flipping died) in December 2012. It wasn’t that me working on this book was a surprise, … Continue reading

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And Then I Had A Collection: How One Inspired Short Story Gave Birth To A Collection Of Stories

Less than two weeks ago inspiration hit me HARD. For the first time in over four years I was writing fiction. The characters came at me before I could get every aspect of their personalities down (thank goodness for my … Continue reading

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Struck! Making Inspiration A Priority When It Smacks You Upside The Head

This morning I was exhausted, on the tail end of whatever it was I caught last week. I woke up at 6:00am, took some Tylenol, kissed my husband goodbye for work, had hot tea with honey and went back to … Continue reading

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