Happy Thanksgiving! The 2014 Edition

So this Thanksgiving we are doing something a little different, and that is – we’re not doing much. I’m surprisingly okay with that, in fact I don’t want to do anything big or be social or go out or have a bunch of people over. The funny thing is that my husband, Roy, feels the same way. Usually he wants to try and spend time with his brother, his brother’s wife and their two (make that three as of September 30!) children. Sometimes it is easy to do things with them on the holidays, and other times it is like pulling teeth out of someone. And then of course his brother thinks it’s me making a big deal about how they should come over since they’re family and local, when it’s really not. My husband wants them over because they’re family and isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? Etc. etc. But this year between a new baby, and a planned trip in the mountains (their trip, not ours) Roy didn’t even bother and while I love my in-laws and nephew and nieces, the idea of a quiet laidback, we don’t give a crap Thanksgiving seems so blissfully wonderful, I seriously can’t wait.

We’re making food, because we both love food, but we’re not making so much that we could feed fourteen people. We just decided to make our favorite sides, and a ham. Roy was all about the ham, and I honestly prefer it to turkey nine out of ten times, so I was not a tough sale, and it also seemed like something that would be much lower maintenance when we’re not having a bunch of people over. The ham is all Roy, and quite honestly… Thank God. For our sides, we’re having sweet potatoes (Roy’s favorite), green bean casserole (my favorite, and attached to my memories of the holiday, more on that in a minute), stuffing (we both love that, and we make our own, we even make our own bread to use for the stuffing) and mashed potatoes and gravy. We’re doing the last one simply because I love gravy, and since we’re not doing a turkey, and gravy doesn’t really go with ham, we need to pair it with something. We’ll have a pie (or three!) for dessert.

It’s a lot for two people, but first of all, leftovers are always welcome in this house, and secondly it won’t be just the two of us. My bestie Chase is coming over and the three of us are going to eat a lot of good food and watch episodes of the TV show “Mom” on ondemand (we need to catch up) followed by the movie “A Madea Christmas” (because everyone loves them some Madea). 😉

I am really excited for tomorrow. It’s going to be the first “low key” Thanksgiving we have had since… I don’t even remember. Good food, good friends and lots of laughing (courtesy of “Mom” and Madea) and important traditions being upheld (back to the green bean casserole – I used to always help make this with my grandmother who was the only maternal figure I had growing up every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve – it was just me and her, and I make it every holiday even though this Thanksgiving I’ll be the only one eating it. 😛 My husband hates mushrooms and Chase dislikes green beans. Oh well – more for me!) I think tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun, and its relaxed way is going to give me plenty of feel good vibes to reflect on the things I am most thankful for.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful Thanksgiving and just remember the three rules for the day. Good Food. Good Company. Good Times. Oh, and remember what you’re thankful for! 😉


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