Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 4 (Part 4) The BEST Episode Of The Season!

I know this is a longer post, but the first episode of the post is the BEST book of the season, you don’t want to miss it! 😉

The Perfect Size Six (Continued)

Episode 71 – “Super Star: Lila’s Story”: Lila Fowler’s father is dating a woman named Joan Borden, and Lila isn’t happy about it. Lila goes to a concert with Jessica, Elizabeth and a bunch of their friends and during intermission Lila bumps into the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen. She is sure that she’s in love! Jessica tells Lila his name is Evan Armstrong and he is going with one of their classmates named Sonia. But Sonia has the hots for Bruce Patman, so Lila asks Bruce if he will pursue Sonia so that Evan will be free to pursue her. Bruce agrees, but only if Lila owes him a favor later. Lila’s father is getting really serious with Joan, and Lila can’t get out of meeting Joan or her daughter Jacqueline any longer. When she meets them Lila thinks Joan is phony and she’s suspicious of her. If Joan wasn’t well off herself, Lila would swear she was a fortune hunter. Jacqueline seems so mousy and super sweet it makes Lila sick. Bruce manages to get Sonia away from Evan and Lila moves in on him. Evan is really into racing and Lila goes to the track to watch him race. At first he keeps bringing up Sonia but after some time he realizes he likes Lila and breaks it off with Sonia. Sonia is still having fun with Bruce. Evan wants to participate in an upcoming race but there is an entry fee of $500. Lila offers him the money, and he is insistent that it doesn’t feel right. But Lila sees this as her chance to make sure she and Evan are a solid couple, because he would never leave her after she gave him that kind of money. Evan finally relents, but only if she’ll let him pay her back as soon as he gets his paycheck in a few weeks. The Bordens keep visiting Fowler Crest, until Mr. Fowler suggests they just stay there for awhile and stop commuting, making them semi-permanent guests. Jacqueline seems to worship Lila and Lila’s father forces her to introduce Jacqueline to all of her friends. Everyone loves Jacqueline and Lila is annoyed because she feels Jacqueline has taken her father’s affection from her, and now she is hording in on Lila’s friends too. Joan keeps buying things for the house and she orders a chair in her suite to be repaired and then says she completely forgot to bring enough cash to pay for it. Lila realizes that Joan and Jacqueline are completely freeloading, never offering to take Lila or her father out, never paying their own way, etc. The money Lila gave to Evan came out of the petty cash her father kept in a hiding place for groceries, gas and other incidentals. She decides to try to get rid of the Bordens, by planting the key to where the petty cash was kept in Jacqueline’s coat pocket and putting a necklace Jacqueline really admired under her pillow. When Lila tells her father it has gone missing, everyone searches for it. Lila wants to check Jacqueline’s room, which upsets everyone. But the necklace isn’t there! Jacqueline suggests they look in Lila’s room and the necklace is back, while the key to the petty cash has also been returned. The next night Jessica asks Lila why she and Evan didn’t join them at this great show. Jessica left a message with Jacqueline. Lila confronts Jacqueline and Jacqueline says she took the message and put it on Lila’s desk and then tells her the house may be haunted since things keep disappearing and reappearing. Bruce calls in his favor and wants Lila to get Evan to drop out of the same race that she let him borrow money for. Mr. Fowler and Joan go away to Hawaii for a few days and Jacqueline shows her true colors. She takes all of Lila’s best clothes, orders Lila around and even takes Lila’s car without permission. She taunts Lila, saying if Lila says anything to her father, he’ll just think she is jealous of sweet, kind Jacqueline. When Mr. Fowler and Joan get back they announce that they are engaged! Lila doesn’t know what to do, but the next morning she decides to act like Jacqueline and tells everyone how happy she is for her father and Joan and wants to throw them an engagement party. It is going to be the same night as Evan’s race. Lila has told Evan about her problems at home, so she mentions the engagement party and tells him how she doesn’t know if she’ll get through it without him. Then she tells him when it is and acts like she completely forgot it was the same night as the race. She tells Evan not to worry about her, but he decides to bag the race and go to the party with her. Right before the party, Lila goes up the back stairs to avoid all the craziness of the caterers getting ready for the affair and as she passes the guest suites she hears Joan and Jacqueline talking. It turns out Joan is a fortune hunter and they’re poor. She plans on marrying Mr. Fowler than divorcing him and getting alimony. They say other nasty things and Lila is furious. Later, she lets Jacqueline know she overheard her and her mother and she knows the truth about them, but Jacqueline points out that no one will believe her. Lila tries to tell her father what she overheard, but Mr. Fowler is furious with Lila, thinking she is just trying to sabotage his relationship. At the party Evan disappears and seems to spend most of his time with Jacqueline, making Lila even more upset. The wedding is going to take place in three weeks. Lila tries to figure out how to expose Joan and her daughter before it’s too late, but she keeps up her “sweet” act. The night before the wedding, Evan comes by and Lila is busy. When she goes in the house she sees him kissing Jacqueline and they keep talking about how to “handle” Lila and how he is going to keep pretending he likes her until after the wedding. Then Evan hits Jacqueline up for some money, and talks about how Lila never supported him or his racing. Lila realizes Evan was just using her like Joan is using her father. The next morning, Lila gets an idea and sticks some microphones in the sunroom where she, Jacqueline and Joan will be waiting to walk down the aisle before the wedding. Then Lila tells Joan that Jacqueline told her everything. Joan is pissed and accuses Jacqueline of exposing them, and they bicker about who wants Mr. Fowler’s money more, and how stupid the other one is to blow it right before the wedding. All of the guests outside, as well as the minister and Mr. Fowler, can hear everything. The girls take their cue to go on and Lila is smiling as many guests stand up and all of them look at Joan and Jacqueline with horror and contempt. When they reach the altar, Mr. Fowler tells them the jig is up. He tells Joan and Jacqueline to get lost and never contact him again. Then he tells his guests since they’re there, they might as well party in Lila’s honor for exposing everything. Evan approaches Lila, not knowing she knows the truth, and Lila tells her father how Jacqueline took the missing $500 and gave it to Evan so he could race. Then she gives her father Evan’s I.O.U. and says how much Evan wants to pay it back as soon as possible. Evan is stuck, and Lila ignores him. Bruce Patman introduces Lila to his very handsome friend, Toby. Toby was the reason Bruce wanted Evan out of the race, because he bet on Toby, and since Evan dropped out, Toby won. Toby is really grateful and he and Lila dance. Evan approaches Lila later, and asks her if she is going to punish him for “one mistake” and she says, “Yep.” He asks her who she has been dancing with and she tells Evan that he’s the guy who won the race since Evan dropped out, and then Lila thanks Even. Letting Evan think it was she who was using him the whole time and not the other way around.

gold_diggerEpisode 72 – “Boy Trouble”: Patty Gilbert is anxious to see her boyfriend Jim Hollis this coming weekend. He’s been so busy at college that Patty has started questioning where they stand with each other. But then Patty’s sister Jana, who lives in San Francisco, announces that she is visiting the same weekend, and has a surprise for her family. Patty tries to get a hold of Jim to see if he wants to come the following weekend because she knows she’ll be busy with her sister, but she can’t get in touch with him. When Jim gets into town, Patty is so excited and everything is great until she tells him that her sister is also visiting. Jim blows up about how their weekend is ruined and Patty cares more about her sister than she does about him. Patty asks why she couldn’t get a hold of him, even in the middle of the night and insinuates he is seeing someone else. They break up and Patty is devastated. When she gets home Jana is already there. Jana tells everyone she’s getting married! In three weeks! And then moving to Germany with her new husband who is in the air force. Patty is numb, between Jana’s news and being upset about Jim. She keeps trying to get a chance to talk with Jana alone, but her entire family is consumed with wedding craziness. Patty’s best friend DeeDee Gordon convinces Patty to go to dinner and the movies with her, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s friend (Craig) – not as a setup but to just get away. When the movie is over, Patty sees Jim with a pretty girl, and they seem to know each other well. Then Jim sees her with Craig. They both look horrified but Patty runs out of the theater before they confront each other. DeeDee drives Patty home and Jim calls to explain, but Patty doesn’t give him a chance and says she never wants to see him again. Patty tries to talk to Jana about her problems with Jim and Jana vents about all of her wedding stress and how she can’t handle anymore problems from anyone. Patty fires back about how she thinks Jana is being selfish and only thinks about herself and they have a big fight. Patty and Jana aren’t speaking and Patty refuses to be in Jana’s wedding (she was going to be the maid of honor) or even attend, and Jana doesn’t want her there. Patty unloads all of her problems on Elizabeth Wakefield and she advises Patty to talk to Jim, but he has already left to go back to school and he doesn’t answer the phone so Patty is sure he doesn’t want to talk. She writes him a letter, apologizing and telling him how she feels but decides not to send it, thinking he has already moved on. DeeDee is designing and hand-painting T-shirts and she sells them at a local crafts fair. Jessica Wakefield sees her there and DeeDee begs her to watch her booth for five minutes because she wanted to grab a snack. A handsome guy in his twenties approaches Jessica about the shirts and mistakes her as the artist, but because he’s hot Jessica leads him on. He has a boutique and wants to buy a bunch of shirts to sell at his store. Jessica takes his card and gives him her number. He calls a few days later and Jessica is sure he is more interested in her than the shirts, but he wants her to bring him six shirts to show his business partner. Jessica asks DeeDee for info about painting shirts and then tries to do some on her own because DeeDee is sold out. Jessica’s shirts suck and Vincent, the hottie, and his partner Cassie call Jessica out as a fraud. Jessica admits she was just watching a friend’s booth and gives them DeeDee’s number. Vincent calls DeeDee and she is so thrilled at the idea of making shirts for a store she doesn’t even care about what Jessica did. Elizabeth admires Jessica’s new earrings and she tells her that she got them at the craft fair – from Jim Hollis’s cousin. Elizabeth realizes that must have been the girl Patty saw at the movies and goes to tell Patty. Jana answers and Elizabeth tells her, assuming Patty has already told her about the breakup. Jana is surprised to hear the news and starts to feel bad about how she’s been acting. A few days later, Jana mixes up appointments and she needs a ride to get to her dress fitting. Patty comes home to get something for dance class, and Jana begs her to take her to the bridal store on the way. Patty relents, because it’s her sister. Once they arrive, Jana begs Patty to come in, and Patty gives in again. When she sees Jana in her wedding dress she is overcome and hugs Jana. Back in the car, Jana apologizes to Patty and then Patty apologizes to Jana. They get back and have a talk like they used to. Jana tells Patty to send the letter she wrote Jim but Patty doesn’t. Later, Jana finds the letter and decides to mail it herself along with a note so Jim would know what was going on. She finds out from Jim’s mom that Jim is away for a two-week course, which is why he hasn’t been answering his phone. It’s time for the wedding, and Patty notices that Jana’s fiancé, Ted, slips out as soon as the toasts are over at the rehearsal dinner the night before, and he doesn’t come back when the dinner is over. She tells her sister, but Janna brushes it off. The next morning everyone is getting ready, anxious and excited. Patty is happy for her sister, but also sad about Jim, and that her sister is moving to Germany. It’s Patty’s cue to walk down the aisle and she realizes Jim is standing at the side of the second aisle. He gives her a kiss and sits down. Patty is overjoyed and confused. After the ceremony Jim explains how Jana sent him Patty’s note along with one of her own. Jana asked Jim to call her while Patty was at school and they had a long talk. Since he was away for the geology course, he didn’t have a way to get back to Sweet Valley so Ted went to get him the night before as a surprise. Patty hugs and kisses her sister and new brother-in-law and she and Jim reconcile, promising to always trust each other no matter how much they argue. Patty realizes all of her dreams have come true.

Bridezilla 1

Now it’s official, we’re past the halfway mark and there are only a few episodes left in Season 4. Be sure not to miss the next post which features twin switches, multiple personalities and aliases used in a wild dating scheme, one Wakefield almost dies and then another Wakefield almost dies and then something happens that you never thought would happen to the Wakefield family. It shakes the very foundation of… whatever this series usually stands on. You won’t want to miss it! 😉


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