Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 4 (Part 5) Twin Switches, Dating Services and Near-Death Experiences

Warning: The following episodes contain ridiculous twin switches, false identities, two near-death experiences, and a family suddenly divided as its foundation crumbles…

Remember, I warned you! 😛

The Perfect Size Six (Continued)

Episode 73 – “Who’s Who?”: Jessica is bored with her love life and signs up for an online matchmaking service that specializes in teens. But instead of being honest on the application, she makes up two opposite personalities: cultured, sophisticated and classy Daniella Fromage and wild, crazy rocker chick Magenta Galaxy. She goes on dates as both girls, having borrowed clothes and “studying” to play each part. Pierre is dating Daniella and Brett is dating Magenta. Pierre is worldly and handsome, everything Jessica wants while Brett is a bad rocker dude, sexy and dangerous. Elizabeth tells Jessica she’s nuts and Jessica tells Elizabeth that she’s boring. Elizabeth takes this to heart and gets a perm. She promises herself to be less predictable. Jessica finds herself in a bind when she is double-booked with both guys and she can’t get in touch with either of them to cancel. She convinces Elizabeth to help by posing as one girl and Jessica will go as the other. They’ll switch places every fifteen minutes since Elizabeth won’t have any frame of reference for the guys or Jessica’s past dates with them. It becomes obvious to Elizabeth that both boys are complete phonies. Elizabeth can’t take it anymore and tells Pierre he is a liar (and a bad one at that) and just doesn’t want to be around Brett. Jessica is steamed and unable to salvage either date. The next day Elizabeth feels guilty and invites both boys over as a surprise for Jessica, so she can see if either is worth keeping. But they show up at the same time, just as Jessica gets home. Before Jessica can figure out what to do, Dana Larson and Suzanne Hanlon drop by to pick up their clothes and jewelry they let Jessica borrow for her ruse. It turns out both boys were lying, just like Jessica was, in hopes of dating someone different. Brett is cultured and Pierre is into music and the guys hit it off with Dana and Suzanne.

Online Dating

Episode 74 – “The New Elizabeth”: Elizabeth Wakefield is tired of being considered boring and predictable so she decides to learn how to surf. She goes to Moon Beach in Big Mesa after seeing a sign advertising lessons and also because she wants to keep it a secret. She meets a cute guy named Sean who just made a bet with his friends that he can teach the next person who asks how to surf and they’ll win an upcoming competition. This means Liz gets free lessons. Sean keeps flirting with Elizabeth, but she assumes it’s harmless because one of his friends, Laurie, insinuated that Sean was her boyfriend. Todd Wilkins is getting clingy because Liz has surfing lessons three times a week that she is telling everyone is extra credit research for marine biology. Halfway through her lessons, Sean gives her a bracelet and tries to kiss her, and Liz finally sets him straight – she has a boyfriend. The next week, Liz’s surfing lessons are canceled due to weather, and a few days later, even though it’s nice out, Sean tells Elizabeth that he’s not sure she should surf because of the tides. She says she’ll be fine, but then she wipes out, the board hits her in the head and she gets caught in a riptide. Sean rescues her from drowning. Elizabeth is all shook up so Sean drives her home. Todd sees Sean drop Elizabeth off and cancels his date with Elizabeth, acting like a total douche. She convinces all of her friends, including Todd who is still sulking, to come watch her extra credit presentation, and mentions there is a surfing competition right before, so that way people will actually show up. She overhears Laurie talking to her friend about how she has also been learning how to surf, and she’s worried she won’t be good enough to beat Elizabeth. Laurie thinks the only way to get Sean’s attention is to win the contest and she’s madly in love with him. Elizabeth decides to throw the contest even though she probably would have won. Everyone still thinks it’s so cool she tried to surf even though she wipes out on purpose right away. Only Bill Chase, a fellow surfer, knows Elizabeth did it on purpose. He could tell. Meanwhile, Jessica has been making Caroline Pearce’s life hell because Caroline told a bunch of people about Jessica’s recent adventures as Daniella Fromage and Magenta Galaxy. Jessica keeps going to a boutique in the mall where Caroline is temporarily working in order to pay for damage to her parents’ car that she’s responsible for. Jessica keeps being the customer from hell, getting Caroline in trouble, being rude and making a mess of things. Caroline gets her revenge on Jessica by stealing her clothes when she’s in the dressing room. Caroline quits her job now that she has enough for her parents’ car’s repairs and leaves with Jessica’s things, leaving Jessica stuck in the dressing room in only her underwear!

Episode 75 – “The Ghost Of Tricia Martin”: Steven Wakefield meets Andrea, a girl who looks just like his former girlfriend, Tricia Martin, who died of leukemia. Even though he is dating Cara Walker he can’t get over Andrea’s resemblance to his dearly departed beloved, so he makes a date with her. Steven steers the conversation and orders Andrea’s food for her, so he thinks Andrea is just like Tricia with the same likes and interests, but really he’s setting himself up. He even calls Andrea “Tricia” more than a few times and keeps getting corrected. Cara knows something is wrong with Steven, but doesn’t know what. Steven keeps blowing her off, avoiding her and when they do see each other or talk, he is always picking fights with her. Steven has also taken up hang gliding just because and Cara says she worries about him, but Andrea doesn’t care, so Steven decides he needs to dump Cara. Meanwhile Jessica goes to a Palisades High party and meets a hippie all the girls seem crazy about, named Keith. Jessica decides she wants to date him because since others seem so interested Jessica must be missing something. But he drags Jessica on all of these environmental causes including canvassing about recycling and going to a city meeting about a trash incinerator. Jessica finally gets a clue and breaks it off. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield keep fighting – like a lot. Steven is all upset after he breaks up with Cara that he decides he can’t concentrate on his hang gliding lesson, while he is in the air. He crashes and is rushed to the hospital where it’s touch and go for awhile. Cara visits him but hears him call out for Tricia and quickly leaves. A few days later, Jessica sees Andrea with another boy and she tells Steven about it. Steven doesn’t believe her and walks over to his window where he sees Andrea kissing the same guy. When Andrea arrives Steven confronts her and Andrea points out that they’re only friends, and frankly Steven is only interested in her as a replacement for Tricia and that’s not right. This new guy likes her for who she is, not because of the memory of someone else. Steven asks if they can still be friends and Andrea says it’s not a good idea. The twins call Cara and convince her to visit Steven again. When Cara arrives Steven apologizes to her and tells her how much he loves her. Cara takes Steven back because she has zero self-esteem.


Tricia is on the left; Andrea is on the right. Am I the only one not seeing a resemblance?

Episode 76 – “Trouble At Home”: Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield are still fighting like crazy. It gets worse when Mrs. Wakefield starts working fulltime because she is given the opportunity to design the new wing of Sweet Valley Mall. It’s the big break she has always dreamed of, but Mr. Wakefield finds her shift in priorities troubling and treats her terribly. Jessica starts using a teen party line even though it costs a lot of money and falls for a guy she meets on the line named Charlie. She keeps trying to get Charlie to meet her in person, but he keeps making up all kinds of excuses as to why he can’t. Maria Santelli’s father is running for mayor, but then an anonymous source accuses him of taking bribes. Mr. Wakefield sets out to clear Mr. Santelli’s name and while the case is thrown out the damage has been done and Mr. Santelli drops out of the mayoral race. Mr. Patman and Mr. Santelli’s advisor ask Mr. Wakefield if he’d consider running for mayor in Mr. Santelli’s place. Mr. Wakefield says he’ll have to discuss it with his family. The Wakefields go to Tahoe every year and Mrs. Wakefield insinuates that she may not be able to go because of the mall project. Elizabeth who has been taking care of the house, shopping and cooking since her mother is too busy, decides to take matters into her own hands to make sure her mother goes to Tahoe. She calls Mrs. Wakefield’s assistant and asks her to convince her mother to go. The assistant, Julie, says she only feels comfortable doing that if she had a number for where they’d be staying. She promises only to call in case of an emergency so Elizabeth gives the number to her, even though everyone agreed to never give it out. At Tahoe everything is going great until Jessica lets Mr. Wakefield’s possibility of running for mayor slip (she was eavesdropping). Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield fight about it. Then Mrs. Wakefield’s work calls a few times, and Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield fight about that. The last day of their trip, Mrs. Wakefield gets a call that is a true work emergency and decides to leave Tahoe early. Mr. Wakefield gives his wife an ultimatum: her work or their marriage. And he does this in front of the twins and their brother, Steven. Mrs. Wakefield says she has to go, and Mr. Wakefield tells her they’re over and she’s abandoning her children. Mrs. Wakefield leaves without looking back.

Episode 77 – “Super Star: Bruce’s Story”: Bruce and Roger Patman’s grandfather is coming to town to visit for six whole weeks. He is celebrating his seventieth birthday and meeting Roger for the first time. As soon as he arrives he keeps comparing Bruce to Roger and vice versa, making their already questionable relationship more strained. Then at a party, Grandfather Patman announces he has decided to leave his entire estate, including the family company, to one of his grandsons – which ever grandson wins a contest. He takes both boys’ charge cards, checkbooks and cash and gives them $2,000. They have one month to grow their money and whoever has the most money at the end of the month wins. The next day, Bruce gets into his second car accident in this episode, because he was daydreaming about this girl he is trying to get with named Tracy Atkins. He buys concert tickets and then shows up at Tracy’s house expecting her to melt, but she tells him she is busy babysitting that night, so Bruce just wasted a lot of money for nothing. Roger decides to try the stock market and his best friend, Lisa, whose father is an investor, sets up a meeting with her father and him. When they meet, Lisa’s dad suggests that Roger invest a little money in riskier stocks, more money in sure things like bonds and then a little more money in stocks in between. And he should only invest half of his money. But Roger doesn’t listen and dumps $1500 into a stock Lisa’s dad warns him against. A few days later Lisa’s dad calls Roger telling him that he has made $500 but rumor is the stock is about to collapse because a merger didn’t go through. He tells Roger to take his money and run, but Roger again doesn’t listen. By Monday, Roger has lost $700 and gets out while he still can. Bruce tries to win back the money he wasted on Tracy by playing poker, but loses big time and has very little money left. But both Roger and Bruce are convinced that the other one is doing great. The Nicholson School, a school for children with special needs runs into some money problems and has to close unless they can raise $10,000. The community tries to help them and a committee is formed at Sweet Valley High consisting of four members: Tracy, Lisa, Elizabeth Wakefield and some freshman. They need to raise $5,000 and decide to through a boardwalk-type event called Harbor Days. Local businesses and students will be able to sell what they have to people and half of their earnings will go to the school. This is really important to Tracy because her brother, who has a degenerative muscular disease, attends the school. Tracy has given Bruce a chance and Bruce decides to do something for Harbor Days, both to impress Tracy and to make money. At first he wants to sell his little black book with all the names and numbers of girls he has been with but Tracy convinces him to write a funny book: The Bruce Patman Guide To Dating, instead. Roger also decides to do Harbor Days and buys special paints so he can hand-paint white hats and visors for people who request whatever they want. Bruce is worried Roger is way ahead of him so he switches out Roger’s paints with water-soluble paint and hires a kid to start a water balloon fight in front of Roger’s booth. Everything plays out just like Bruce plans and Roger is forced to give everyone refunds. Bruce does well but doesn’t give half to the charity and doesn’t plan to. Harbor Days is having one more day the next week and Bruce decides to sell Tracy’s grandmother’s homemade ice cream. Roger knows Bruce sabotaged his project and considers doing the same to Bruce with the ice cream. Bruce is paranoid and stays by his ice cream because he’s worried Roger will unplug the freezers. Roger inspects the freezers while Bruce hides but doesn’t do anything and Bruce thinks Roger is weak because he didn’t. Roger is going to blow up a bunch of Jim Roberts’ photographs and sell them, but he only tells Lisa so Bruce won’t find out. But Tracy gets Lisa to tell her, because Bruce explains to Tracy how he wants to help his cousin after last week’s big flop and Tracy believes him. Lisa sets Tracy straight, and also tells her Bruce hasn’t given them his money. Tracy follows Bruce and he goes to the camera store to find out how to ruin the paper Roger is going to print the pictures on and then goes to where Roger is hiding his paper. Tracy runs off, heartbroken, and calls Roger later to tell him Bruce ruined his stuff – again. It turns out Bruce couldn’t go through with it either and Roger does well at the second Harbor Days. So does Bruce, and they both give each other something they’re selling for free to mark a truce. Tracy tells Bruce they can be friends but because he thought about messing with Roger’s stuff and he did mess with it the first time, they could never be more than friends. Tracy, Lisa and Elizabeth realize that they did not earn enough to keep the Nicholson School open, but then they receive an anonymous donation of over $1,000, which means they made their $5,000 goal. They contact the adult organizers and find out that they also received a donation of over $1,000 which means they made just enough to keep the Nicholson School open for another year. Bruce’s parents get back from Japan (they took a vacation for the last few weeks) and upon their return it’s time to find out which Patman is the winner. They have a party and Grandfather explains the contest to everyone there. Everyone acts like it’s as messed up as it is (the boys were not allowed to tell anyone) and then Grandfather Patman collects an envelope from Bruce and Roger that has their earnings in them. They’re both empty. Bruce and Roger explain that they donated their money to the Nicholson School and at first Grandfather Patman is pissed but then he sees the light, a little bit anyway. Bruce’s father decides to become the permanent benefactor of the Nicholson School so they’ll never have to worry about closing again.

Bruce SVH

Another long post, but I had a lot of episodes to cover. Don’t worry; the next one is short and sweet. We only have a few episodes left until the end!


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