Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 4 (Part 6) A Family Divided, Political Scandal And Some Love Schemes

Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 4 (Part 6) A Family Divided, Political Scandal And Some Love Schemes

The following three episodes are full of political scandal and cover-ups, various matchmaking schemes gone horribly wrong and the conclusion to the separation of Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield. Will they get back together or go after someone better… You’ll just have to find out! 😉

The Perfect Size Six (Continued)

Episode 78 – “Who’s To Blame?”: Mr. Wakefield moves out and gets his own apartment downtown. Elizabeth is depressed and thinks her parents’ separation is all her fault. Jessica phone charges are discovered and her allowance is suspended until she takes care of the $300 phone bill. Jessica goes to her dad’s apartment for money and to get him to talk to her mother. Jessica and Steven keep fighting about their parents’ separation and Liz tries to be the peacekeeper, which just makes Steven and Jessica angry at her. Jessica tells Charlie from the teen party line that he either meets her in person or they stop talking. Charlie agrees but when they meet he seems boring and has zero personality even though he is hot. Jessica gives him another try before cutting him loose. Then Jessica finds out that she never met the real Charlie. Charlie had one of his more attractive friends go in his place. Elizabeth keeps forgetting plans with Todd and then decides he is better off without her because now she is jaded. She breaks up with him and refuses to talk about it. Elizabeth starts going out with a lot of different guys because Jessica tells her to play the field. Then Jessica is upset because Elizabeth is playing the field better than she is. Jessica loses it one day and tells Elizabeth that their parents’ separation is all her fault because she gave their mother’s office the number they could be reached in Tahoe. Steven agrees with Jessica. Elizabeth is blowing off her newspaper responsibilities and does badly on a paper, but after her siblings’ accusations she decides everyone would be better off without her. She plans to runaway to Michigan or Texas, but Enid convinces her to crash at Enid’s house instead. She writes her family a letter explaining why she had to leave, but not saying where she is and then leaves Enid’s phone off the hook so no one can call to see if she’s there. Mr. Wakefield comes to the house because he got a letter too, and the family worries all night about where Elizabeth could be. The next morning they go to Enid’s to get Elizabeth. The family finally talks to each other and Jessica and Steven apologize for blaming Elizabeth. Then Jessica decides to make it up to her sister by getting Elizabeth and Todd back together. She gets Todd to meet her and poses as Elizabeth, while Steven takes Elizabeth to their meeting spot so Liz can hear that Todd still loves her. Then Jessica makes an excuse to go to her car, meets Elizabeth and they switch places. Elizabeth is grateful to her sister and happy that she is back together with the love of her life. Jessica finally meets the real Charlie but he ditches her for Amy Sutton, and so does the fake Charlie!

Episode 79 – “The Parent Plot”: Mr. Wakefield is campaigning hard to be mayor with the help of his adviser, Mr. Knapp. Jessica decides it’s time for her parents to move on and see other people, but Elizabeth is determined to get her parents back together. Jessica tries to set Mr. Wakefield up with a woman who works on his campaign but it turns out she’s engaged, so Jessica moves on to setting up her mother. Jessica gets a D on English paper and sets up a parent/teacher conference to discuss her grade, but it’s all just part of her scheme to get her mother and her English teacher, Mr. Collins, together. Mr. Collins and Mrs. Wakefield make plans to have dinner at Chez Sam the following night, but only as friends. Then Mr. Wakefield wants to take the twins out for dinner at Chez Sam the same night Mrs. Wakefield and Mr. Collins will be there. Jessica freaks out, but when their parents see each other, Mr. Collins and Mrs. Wakefield join them and now it’s Elizabeth who is trying not to freak out. Elizabeth tries to trick her parents into talking on the phone and at one point tricking her mother to show up at one of Mr. Wakefield’s press conferences, but Elizabeth strikes out more than Jessica does. Maria Santelli is helping out on Mr. Wakefield’s campaign because he wants a lot of the same things her father did before he had to drop out due to those bogus “accepting bribes” accusations. She leaves a schoolbook in the office and when she goes to retrieve it the phone rings, and she overhears a conversation between Mr. Knapp and someone else who worked on her father’s campaign. They talk about a development project and how they are going to make Mr. Wakefield get on board, and how they took care of Maria’s father because he wouldn’t get on board. Maria tells Elizabeth and Mr. Knapp’s nephew, Terry, what she heard and they set out to get proof. They sneak into Knapp’s office with Elizabeth distracting the security guard. But then Mr. Knapp returns, Elizabeth makes an excuse and runs to warn her friends. They all hide and when Mr. Knapp leaves again, they find proof including the a receipt for the mysterious deposit that was put into Mr. Santelli’s account without his knowledge. They make copies and it’s time for Elizabeth to tell her father everything. He is upset about it, but believes Elizabeth and they go to talk to Mrs. Wakefield to try and figure out what to do. The next day Mr. Wakefield exposes Mr. Knapp who is promptly arrested and then drops out of the mayoral race. He tells everyone what happened with Mr. Santelli and how he stood up to some crooks and now Mr. Santelli is running for mayor again, and then he wins by a landslide. Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield get back together and Mr. Wakefield moves back in.


Episode 80 – “The Love Bet”: Dana Larson has decided to give up on dating because she’s always disappointed. Aaron Dallas decides girls and dating are stupid after his longtime girlfriend moves away. Dana and Aaron are both outspoken about being “down with love” and one night Todd jokes about how funny it would be to get them together. Elizabeth thinks this is the greatest idea ever and decides she is going to get Dana and Aaron to fall in love with each other. Todd thinks this is ridiculous so he bets that it won’t work. The loser will have to fulfill three wishes made by the winner. Elizabeth, Enid Rollins and Penny Ayala talk about how much Aaron couldn’t stop talking about Dana so that Dana overhears and thinks that Aaron likes her. Todd and his friends pull the same trick with Aaron in gym class. Elizabeth invites Dana to see a movie with her and Todd, and Todd invites Aaron to do the same. Dana and Aaron hit it off after the movie and Dana is impressed to find that Aaron is smart and sensitive. But Aaron kills the mood after complimenting a song Dana wrote about being done with love and how right it was. Todd tells Aaron to invite Dana to an upcoming jazz festival. Aaron does and they go with Todd and Elizabeth. They talk about each other’s passions and Dana looks at soccer in a new way, but then Dana kills the mood when she agrees to go to her first ever soccer game to watch Aaron play by saying that it’s natural for friends to take an interest in each other. Dana goes to the soccer game and really gets into it. She realizes that she can’t deny her feelings for Aaron any longer. Elizabeth invites Dana and Aaron to go to a play with her and Todd, but then something comes up and Dana and Aaron go by themselves as their first date. That morning, Dana receives a mushy anonymous card talking about changing one’s mind about love. She thinks it is from Aaron, but Elizabeth recognizes Todd’s handwriting and makes Dana promise not to bring it up to Aaron who might be “shy” about it. After the play, Dana and Aaron go to this romantic café and Aaron is about to tell Dana how he feels when Dana tells him not to worry and the card said it all. Aaron says he never sent her a card, and he also recognizes Todd’s handwriting. Dana runs out of the café, convinced that Elizabeth just tried to get Aaron to like her, and Aaron’s feelings aren’t real. She calls Elizabeth and tells her off. Then Elizabeth accuses Todd of sending the card to mess things up so he would win the bet. They fight and break up. Then Jessica comes home and screams at Elizabeth because she’s had a bad day. Jessica is upset that Liz is setting up Aaron and Dana because Jessica depends on Aaron to be there if she ever gets bored or needs a casual date. There is an upcoming Battle of the Bands where three bands are challenging Dana’s band The Droids. It’s being sponsored by a radio station and the winner will go to LA and perform in some hot club. Jessica decides to become a band roadie and convinces Lila Fowler to join her, but the only band that needs help is called Spontaneous Combustion and all of the band members are ugly and keep calling the girls “chicks” and sometimes grabbing them. They also smoke and have no talent. Jessica refers to their music as noise pollution. Right before the Battle of the Bands, Aaron corners Dana and takes her out to the soccer field. He tells her that he didn’t know Elizabeth and Todd were trying to set them up before, but it worked and Aaron is in love with Dana. Dana says she loves him too, and they make out. The Droids win the Battle of the Bands and Jessica gets so frustrated with the guys in Spontaneous Combustion that she plugs in their equipment wrong and it blows up when they start to perform. Dana and Aaron send anonymous notes to Todd and Elizabeth so they think the other wants to apologize. They meet after school and kiss and then realize they’ve been duped just as Aaron and Dana drive by and wave at them, smiling. They make up and Elizabeth wins the bet. Her three wishes are that they never fight over something so stupid, that they’ll always be together and happy and that Todd give her his best kiss right now. He does. Ew.


And then there was one. One more post featuring the final episode of the season and all of those fun extras is up next. And the finale does something Sweet Valley High has never done before… It gets a little serious. 😛


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