Post-Vacationitis: Trying To Get Back To Normal

Why is it that whenever you get back from a trip, you find yourself in a limbo state, not quite here and not quite gone? And even if you were caught up before, you feel like you’re playing catch-up. And it can be any time you overnight somewhere. Maybe it’s a week or maybe it’s just a weekend trip… it never matters how long I’m gone, whenever I get back there is always this transition back to normal.

Two weeks ago I surprised my husband (Roy) with a romantic getaway. We were only gone for five days, but I think this extended limbo I still find myself in is because of the before and after. Right before the surprise trip, we had friends from Chicago stay with us for a few days. We got back right before midnight the day before my birthday (so twelve minutes after being home – surprise, I’m 31!) which we still haven’t celebrated because we’ve been busy. The day after my birthday Roy’s aunt and uncle were in town for a few days and that involved dinners out, day trips to the mountains and more. So catching up was out.

But they left two days ago and I’m still not back with it. We did dog sit for a few days starting last week and had the dogs over here until yesterday, but it’s not like their presence prevented me from doing things. I mean our cat hated it, but they keep our dog busy and they all wear each other out so it’s perfect.

And yet, I’m still completely unmotivated, and kind of blah. I don’t feel exhausted (I’m tired, but it’s the normal amount) or sick or anything, but I’m just unfocused and don’t feel like doing much of anything. And for someone who is Type-A to the extreme, this actually surprises me. You’d think I was gone for weeks. I mean I unpacked and cleaned the house as soon as we got back, but I haven’t caught up on reading or writing or work stuff or anything else. Why not?

Is there like some unwritten rule that the number of days you’re gone should be multiplied by two and then perhaps you’ll get back to things? Or maybe just the same number of days but did the time not begin until all our visitors (two-legged and four-legged) were gone? Did our guests pre-trip add time on the whole limbo time scale?

I’m not in trouble in terms of deadlines or a to-do list that is screaming or anything, but I hate being less than 150%. It’s un-Michael.

Does anyone have a decent understanding of this universal post-vacationitis works? How long until I need to look for a cure? Oh, and do you have a cure? Because I wouldn’t mind some of that right now… 😛


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