LA – Here We Come!

I am so excited! And nervous, but mostly excited. I left Los Angeles almost eight years ago. And I never thought I would ever go back, with good reason. But now there is a conference and to be honest the main reason I’m even going is because it is in Los Angeles. So I can see old friends and visit old places and perhaps even get a little closure on the place (I am way past closure on the reason for leaving).

Every time we take a trip, I am always nervous and this trip is no exception. I love traveling as in going to other places, but I hate the act of actually traveling. Flying makes me nervous and isn’t the most comfortable because of a few medical conditions I have. Then there is all the normal airport crap. Rental car places, money, etc. I wish teleportation was a thing, even if it was pricey, because it would be so worth it. I’m excited for when we actually arrive in LA and our time there, but the going there and coming back – eh, not so much.

But for once it seemed like we were actually prepared. Like every trip we take we’ll say we’re prepared, but we’re really not. This time, we were 90% packed by Sunday night. The house was clean; I made a list so as not to forget anything. We were good. Which is definitely a good thing since we have to leave at three in the morning! So early, EARLY to bed and all that. I can’t sleep on planes (my husband is lucky, he usually can) but I plan to sleep in the car once we pick up our rental.

We have so many plans, I hope we’re able to do everything we want (remember roughly four days are spoken for with conference stuff) while I give Roy a tour of my Los Angeles experience, and of course see everyone that I want to see.

I have a surprise in store for Roy (my husband) and we plan to tour downtown LA, my old haunts and places of residence, window shopping (neither of us are big shoppers or spenders), a trip to the San Diego Zoo and perhaps the Tar Pits and Planetarium. And really we only have a little less than three days to do all of this. (Like I said, we’ll see, a lot of things are TBD.)

For now, I can’t believe that I am going back. And trying to quiet all of those nerves, along with the regular traveling nerves and the nerves surrounding the conference (last year’s experience was an eye-opener, and not just for me). I’m trying to focus on the positives like the fact that we’re actually ready and just how happy I’m going to be to see everyone and visit my old campus etc.

So while I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back, here I go. How about Los Angeles – are you ready? Well ready or not, here we come! 🙂


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