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I Am So Hungry

I am so hungry. Repeat this one million times. I am so hungry. I don’t get to eat because of a test I’m having on Tuesday. I had to stop on Saturday. Normally people won’t have to stop but because … Continue reading

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Like A Satellite…

Monday I wrote a blog post with the intention of putting it up yesterday. That didn’t happen. It was finished, and I thought it was good-to-go. I figured it was personal, but it wasn’t like a piece I would send … Continue reading

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My Life is a Bathroom Issue

Last Thursday I had an essay published in The Dallas Morning News about what it’s like to appear female and use the Men’s restroom. When talking about this “issue” so rarely do people seem to consider what happens when a … Continue reading

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Just SLEEP Already

I’m tired. Not tired as in stressed or overworked or had a late night yesterday, no I’m tired as in seriously sleep deprived going on six weeks. What counts as seriously sleep deprived? Four to six hours every night for … Continue reading

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Turning 32

I turn 32 on Thursday. I turn 32 on Thursday. Sorry, I’m just trying to let it sink in. I turn 32 on Thursday. This… has me feeling a mixed bag of confusing and overly complicated emotions. Disappointed. Proud. Anxious. … Continue reading

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