Labor Day 2016

I had big plans this Labor Day…

2. Do nothing.
3. Try to avoid leaving the house.
4. Sleep in.
5. Write if you can, but don’t pressure yourself.
6. Animal cuddles.
7. Grill something (actually have the hubs grill something, I don’t grill).
8. Chill out.
9. Seriously, be chill.

Usually we do something on Labor Day. We visit Roy’s brother and his wife/kids or we go on a day trip to Estes Park or somewhere else up in the mountains. Maybe a neighborhood party or a friend’s barbecue – but the point is we usually do something, even if it isn’t super-taxing.

But this year I feel like both Roy (the husband) and I are beat. We both have so much going on, so much we want to work on (separate things, but basically both of our plates are overfilled) and both need to catch up on so much SLEEP that this year we haven’t reached out to anyone. Not our closest friends, not Roy’s brother, no one. And I’m pretty okay with that.

I’m half tempted to take Angel to the dog park but that requires going somewhere – it’s an activity. I know I’m awful (and a bad dog mom to boot) but Saturday we stayed in aside from going to the store to get some things to grill. I wrote a little and just chilled the f**k out, Roy did his own thing too. We went to bed early.

On Sunday I wrote a little, read a little, finished the last season of Grey’s Anatomy (please, I’m at least a year behind in most of the shows I watch :/ ) and took care of house stuff while Roy slept all day. (I am so jealous he was able to do this. Like happy because we’re both behind on sleep so hopefully he caught up, but I want to catch up too, but I’ve already discussed my sleeping habits. Ugh.)

And for Labor Day itself (it’s Sunday night) we still don’t have plans. Most likely Roy will sleep in again, and I’ll try but not succeed as well at it as he will. Maybe we’ll finally be good puppy parents and take Angel to the park, or maybe we’ll just veg out and finish American Crime (love the show, but still on season one!) or just be all mellow-like. With still no plans or commitments or obligations it looks like we will accomplish everything we set out to this Labor Day weekend. Which is a whole lot of nothing.

And that’s absolutely glorious.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! 😀

What are you doing this Labor Day?


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