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I Am So Hungry

I am so hungry. Repeat this one million times. I am so hungry. I don’t get to eat because of a test I’m having on Tuesday. I had to stop on Saturday. Normally people won’t have to stop but because … Continue reading

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Like A Satellite…

Monday I wrote a blog post with the intention of putting it up yesterday. That didn’t happen. It was finished, and I thought it was good-to-go. I figured it was personal, but it wasn’t like a piece I would send … Continue reading

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Just SLEEP Already

I’m tired. Not tired as in stressed or overworked or had a late night yesterday, no I’m tired as in seriously sleep deprived going on six weeks. What counts as seriously sleep deprived? Four to six hours every night for … Continue reading

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Turning 32

I turn 32 on Thursday. I turn 32 on Thursday. Sorry, I’m just trying to let it sink in. I turn 32 on Thursday. This… has me feeling a mixed bag of confusing and overly complicated emotions. Disappointed. Proud. Anxious. … Continue reading

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Fractured: Just Like Riding A Unicycle (Again)

I’m a delicate badass. I don’t like pain, but when you’ve broken a few dozen bones (arms, hands, fingers, legs, toes, feet, multiple vertebrae, tailbone, collarbone, breast bone, skull, and some others I know I’m leaving out) multiple times you … Continue reading

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