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AWP 2015 Minneapolis – A Very Rough Beginning

“What the fuck am I doing here?” “I am never fucking going this again!” I apologize for the language, but this was a singsong in my head last Thursday morning. It was my first time at the Association of Writers … Continue reading

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What My Ears Miss The Most: Music

I really hate being deaf. I don’t gripe about it very much because I can’t change it, so it’s like me griping about the existence of a disease. I can’t change it, and pity does not allow for the existence … Continue reading

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I’m A Writer, Not A Reader: Reading My Writing (Out Loud And In Public) When I Was Absolutely Terrified

There are some writers who love attention; Writers who are confident speakers and get a thrill of reading their work to a captivated audience; Writers who are extraverts or just naturals when it comes to public speaking… but none of … Continue reading

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