Here We Go: Justalittlered 2.0 – Focus, Splits And My Reviews’ Relocation

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed some changes the past few weeks. I haven’t written a single review, including a Guilty Pleasures post all month. And I’m posting less than my regular four-posts-per week. Except I’m not!

For about a month I thought about the direction of this blog. I wanted to write four posts per week, but I didn’t necessarily want to post four times to a single blog. I thought my blog had become two blogs in one – a book blog, and a miscellaneous blog that covered everything from writing and publishing to current events/opinions to personal stories of child abuse and surviving crazy health issues (autoimmune diseases, multi-organ failure, brain surgery) to things that are light and humorous like getting into my dog’s head, my cat’s antics or my crazy May Day and baking shenanigans. So, I started thinking about what to do – I even wrote a post about what I felt my blog was turning into and my idea to split it up to try and find some direction by writing it out.

I always liked being a little something of everything, and I see this blog still in that role. But as far as the book posts – they’ve moved! I created a new blog just for reviews. I’m really excited about it, because it has allowed me to redefine what I think of when I think of writing a review. It’s not just books: movies, TV shows, destinations, books and of course my guilty pleasures all have their place on that blog. I’m adding a bar at the top of this blog, so people can be redirected to the new site, but you can also check it out here: So far, I’ve covered movies (Jurassic World – coming soon), two wonderful TV surprises, books, guilty pleasure reads, and the top five (FABULOUS!) coffee destinations in Colorado.

But I don’t want to spend this post talking about that blog, I can do that there – I’m talking about what it means for this blog. I think that the split is going to have a lot of positive consequences. For one thing, I’m not going to be posting four times a week. It’s not that that’s a bad thing, but I think for people that follow my blog, four times can be a little much. I know that coming up with enough things to write about certainly was stressful sometimes. And not wanting my blog to be too much of one thing and everything else, just…. Agh!

Now I don’t have given days that I’ll post on this blog. I’ll post when I have something to post, something to write about and not just for the sake of putting something/anything out there. And I used to worry that book reviews were taking over, but now that they’re separate that worry is gone. And clear lines have been drawn: all reviews on one blog and everything else on the other. I’m still going to continue to blog about writing or my writing, and I’m still going to have opinion posts, but if it’s an actual review it’s going to go on the other site.

I have moved my reviews over to the new blog, but I have not deleted them from this blog yet. I originally intended to, but I don’t know how to maintain comments when I move them and if I can’t figure it out, then I’m going to leave them. But no new reviews are going to be posted.

I love that in just sixteen months, my blog seems to evolve and go in a direction I was neither expecting nor particularly wanted (if it made sense to keep everything in one place, I totally would). But it just became “in-my-face-just-do-it-already” until I felt I had no choice but to listen. Kind of like writing sometimes.

So now it’s time for Justalittlered 2.0. I’m excited to see what this blog evolves into next! 🙂


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