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A Brand New Year

Another year is upon us and I am genuinely excited for it. 2015 was a good enough year – actually it was the best out of the last three years. I grew. Roy (my husband) grew. Good things happened, we … Continue reading

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Hate Has No Place Here: The Separation of Church and State and This Country’s Blistery History

The last few weeks have been kind of a big deal and everyone seems to be on high alert of either a progressive revolution (being on the right side of history and keeping up the momentum, so if you want … Continue reading

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Here We Go: Justalittlered 2.0 – Focus, Splits And My Reviews’ Relocation

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed some changes the past few weeks. I haven’t written a single review, including a Guilty Pleasures post all month. And I’m posting less than my regular four-posts-per week. … Continue reading

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Dear Blog… I Think It’s Time To Split (You) Up

Seventeen months ago, I was a blogging virgin. I didn’t know what to expect, if it would pick up, if I would enjoy it, if others would enjoy and follow what I wrote about, or if I could stick to … Continue reading

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