Another Blogiversary

It almost passed without me even realizing it, but today marks the second anniversary of my first blog post (and this is my first-ever blog).

Looking back on the last year, I’m not sure what conclusions to come to or even any goals to get. In the last year I split this blog into two: this blog and my blog for reviews because posting four times a week was a little much. Now I post less here, because everything is divided up. Even though I planned to split my blog up sometimes I still wonder if it was the right thing. On one hand I like that I’m not posting on this blog FOUR times a week. I mean that’s just a little much (and I should know, since I have written all of my posts – no guest posts yet). And it’s nice to have a blog that is more authentic to who I am and what I think and another dedicated to things I can be silly about. Like guilty pleasure reading material, TV shows, movies, hell even limited time coffee drinks. It was like my blog before had a split personality and now it’s just one person. Albeit a quirky, weird, opinionated, slightly crazy person – but one person just the same. But my new blog, which is eight months old, barely gets ANY views at all, which can be disheartening, especially when I read or watch something that is so awesome I want to share it. So, sometimes I still go back and forth.

This past year I think I gave myself more breathing room – less restrictions. I also got a lot more personal – delving into my past at an almost uncomfortable closeness, did some travel and family posts, some opinion posts, and health/healing posts – so a lot of the usual I guess.

One thing that is high on my priority list of goals is to actually follow more blogs. I read blogs, but with my reading list that is along the lines of “ALL IS LOST”, my work, my blogging, my writing (I’m a writer so I mean actual non-blog writing), family, personal obligations, running a business, a household, the news, personal time for my sanity… I always have a good reason not to seek out new blogs. And I’ve even made the promise before to read more blogs but this time I really need to do it. And I do read other blogs – I just tend to read the blogs I already follow. 😛

This year I would love to figure out how to do more engaging posts. I rarely get comments or likes, even if I have the visitors and views. My first year, I received a lot more of both, but still probably not a particularly impressive amount. But I’m the kind of person who loves to create a dialogue, whether it is debating politics or joining forces for a cause or swapping funny, sad or any other kind of personal stories or anecdotes – that’s the kind of blog that I want to have. And not just people engaging with me, but with each other as well.

I don’t really know how to go about doing that – I wish I did, but I don’t. But that won’t stop me from hoping and trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t. As long as I still write for me, and my writing is authentic to who I am – my voice – I think I’m good to go.

That doesn’t mean I don’t also want more followers. I don’t know how to particularly seek them out either, but like anyone else, of course I want them. As a writer, often blogs and other virtual communities are essential for sharing works and getting the word out. And being a self-imposed quasi-shut-in, virtual platforms like this blog is how I connect with others and the world at large. But since I don’t write just to get followers, to cash in on trending things or simply say what people want to hear – I don’t know how to help grow that number either. So I don’t make it a goal (officially) but it would be awesome if it happened.

I still can’t believe it took me so long to finally dive in and start a blog, but I’m really glad I did. It’s an excuse to write more, which only leads to better writing, clearer thoughts and in my case, a more meaningful sort of happiness. What took me so long to start blogging? I still don’t know for sure, but I’m making up for lost time now! 😉


Check out My First Blogiversary here for a much more thoughtful reflection and analysis of all things blog related. I’m avoiding it, because I’m afraid to see how I stacked up against my first year, or more accurately, didn’t. 😛

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