Eight Months Behind! The Lost Magazine Subscription

I am so busy. I work. I take care of the house. The finances. My writing. God, please let that go somewhere. And try to be a decent human being to all of my wonderful family, friends and neighbors. So, rarely do I get time to myself that isn’t already spoken for. My writing speaks for most of it. Followed by reading (which is so tied to my writing, I almost count them as one and the same, whether it is reading something to review or reading for pleasure or reading that ultimately will help me grow as a writer). And when I’m done with all of that, if I have any time left, I just want to crash on the couch, cuddle with my animals and watch a show on my near-full DVR (seriously there is no space left for ANYTHING). So my one magazine subscription that is just for fun and me and that I enjoy… well it’s kind of been left behind.

I have one magazine subscription that is “fun” that I truly enjoy. Something that isn’t mindless but something that I don’t have to be particularly mindful with either: People Magazine. It’s not a gossip rag, it’s not a hard news publication. It has interviews with people who might be interesting, stories about current events, reviews on books, movies, music, etc. star tracks and other fun little columns. I read it every now and again when I was teenager, but in my mid-twenties I really started to enjoy it more. I didn’t want something too heavy or something that was complete BS either, and People seemed to be the answer. Fun and light like a tabloid, but completely factual and above the pettiness of most rumor rags. I was sold.

I’ve had my subscription since 2011, but quickly started falling behind by 2012. Just how behind, am I? Well, I read that Princess Kate was pregnant a few weeks before she gave birth to Princess Charlotte. How is that for a good picture? In 2012 I was usually six to eight issues behind at any given time. I planned to catch up in 2013, and I did close the gap before sputtering out. By the end of the year I was about twelve issues behind. 2014 was no better. It kind of kicked our butts in general and by the end of the year I was four months/sixteen issues behind. In 2015, I had a wonderful, productive truly evolutionary year. But that was with my writing and other things. Dedicating myself to that… I never really got around to reading People. So… I’m still on the September 7, 2015 issue. I am not even kidding. And what was the latest issue I received? May 16, 2016. Yep, I am THAT behind.

And I don’t want to be, but I also don’t want to skip any issues. So I am trying to read issues in order, but what’s the point? I don’t know to be honest. I just feel the compulsive need to read every issue in order. And yes, it’s such a waste to read things from nine months ago. I mean certain interviews and stories can outlast the test of time… but others. I already know who the sexiest man or most beautiful woman of the year is. I already know about this and that tragedy or watched this or that upcoming TV show or movie.

And I want to enjoy People as it should be enjoyed. Reading about upcoming things when they are upcoming. Reading about current events when they are actually current. I don’t want to read about an awards show that happened LAST YEAR. So what do I do? I’m not sure.

Part of me thinks I should cancel the subscription. I mean I don’t see myself getting any “less busy” anytime soon. In fact if anything I would venture my busyness is going to stay the same until it gets worse. But I love People. It’s not something that is super serious like Newsweek, but it’s not an awful gossip rag like US Weekly. It’s the perfect mix of somewhere in between.

So can I catch up? It seems impossible, or at least high improbable. Sometimes I think I should not allow myself to read a book and just binge on a few magazines each day instead. I could catch up in a few weeks if I did this. But not allowing myself to read actual books? That’s blasphemy! Plus there is the whole “review” obligations and books I read to better myself as a writer, which is both my career but a true, personal calling. So that doesn’t seem like such an option.

Can I drag myself away from the little time I allow myself to relax each day and catch a show with my husband. No, I don’t want to do that either.

And I’m not about to let it cut into productive time for writing, work or the things I don’t want to take care of, but have to, because I’m an adult I guess.

But I don’t want to give up People. But I can’t find time for People. And I want to read all of the past issues because I’m so stubborn that even if I know I’m being ridiculous, I can’t stop that ridiculousness. And I don’t have time. I need another me, but until then… What do I do?

To cancel or not to cancel… that is the question. :/


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