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Eight Months Behind! The Lost Magazine Subscription

I am so busy. I work. I take care of the house. The finances. My writing. God, please let that go somewhere. And try to be a decent human being to all of my wonderful family, friends and neighbors. So, … Continue reading

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Negative Exposure: When You’re Pinned As Something That You’re Not While The Hits Are Coming In

Last Thursday my blog exploded in terms of views. Seriously, despite my open letters to AWP and ReSound getting a ton of hits, or my commentary on the whole female nude photo leak or even my travel post about the Winchester … Continue reading

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Celebrating The Broncos Win And My Surprising Enthusiasm

I am not a sporty person – like even a little. I don’t watch football, which is kind of funny considering that I dated quite a few football players in my day and even went to games to “cheer them … Continue reading

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The Lingering Echoes Of What Was (And What I Could Hear)

It’s been two years and six months since I last heard music. My best friend, Crystal, was visiting me in Colorado. She was helping me proof pages for my husband’s first wedding anniversary gift (a big ass book all about … Continue reading

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Another Drive-By Omaha Visit: Pumpkin Patches, Sentimentality, And Checking Everyone Off The List

Last weekend we (my husband, Roy, and I) traveled to my hometown of Omaha Nebraska for our last (and technically, only-real) visit of the year. It was short (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) and last-minute (Roy is changing office locations … Continue reading

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