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Eight Months Behind! The Lost Magazine Subscription

I am so busy. I work. I take care of the house. The finances. My writing. God, please let that go somewhere. And try to be a decent human being to all of my wonderful family, friends and neighbors. So, … Continue reading

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It’s The Little Things… Little Hits of Joy I am Particularly Thankful For

I like to think that I’m generally a grateful person. I mean I might not have always been, but dying (yeah, I’ve done that before) tends to change perspective. And coming from so little (parents crazy abusive, on my own … Continue reading

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Off Limits: A Blogging Problem (Also A Writer’s Problem)

I have heard writers discuss what is off limits before. What they won’t write about, who they won’t write about. Many author friends say things like, “I’ll have my husband read it, and if he has a problem with it, … Continue reading

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