How Rejecting Gender Made Me Happier, Healthier — Complete

On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning. I say this because I expected my day to go as, “I’m tired but really need to get some stuff done, but after the dentist will just want to crawl in bed and…” No, I was not expecting cavities (and I don’t have any, thankfully) but who likes going to the dentist? I’d rather break another finger!

But when I got home from the dentist, prepared to watch some HGTV and wrestle with this “block” I’ve been dealing with I found a nice surprise waiting for me. The Huffington Post published an essay I wrote about gender roles and not conforming to them. It’s about self-love and acceptance, searching for who you are just to find out you know who you are, and it doesn’t matter whether there is a word for it or not!

It’s such a personal piece that I considered not sending it to anyone. Like really. But thanks to some love and pushing from two friends I did. It came out as a Featured (top of the darn page, my husband texted me at work like a total fanboy and I was just shocked haha) story on two different news pages. It is still a Featured and trending article. Other pubs have shared it on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and authors I look up to have given me plenty of swoon moments by sharing it and saying such kind things. This isn’t a piece that will make you feel bad. It’s about the courage to just be you. Because you are beautiful and whole and don’t need definition. It’s a happy piece (which is probably a rarity for me). So I’m happy and wanted to share this piece here instead of writing something new because I’m really excited. I feel like it’s an important conversation. I go on and on about love, but honestly the most important kind of love is loving yourself.

Please read my article here (it’s short) and “like” it, leave a comment and share to your heart’s content.

“Pride and beauty can come from something involuntary – it’s called acceptance,” from “How Rejecting Gender Made Me Happier, Healthier – Complete”.


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