September 30 – The Best Date Of The Year!

Some days have a reputation for being better than others… I’m not superstitious or anything, but for years I was convinced my birthday was cursed. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I realized that on my birthday something terrible happened to me or someone that I cared about. Here’s a small sample: I was mugged (20), robbed (21), assaulted (16), friend died (22), earthquake (23), relative died (11), helicopter crash killing four friends of friends (26) oh and I actually died on my birthday (25). I don’t think anyone could blame me that this particular date was/is one that I like to stay in, keep my head down and acknowledge once I, and the people that I love, have survived it. But just like that particular day seems to bring on the badness (I hardly think this could be a self-fulfilling prophecy… I mean I like to believe I am powerful but I can’t claim like earthquakes and multiple deaths, so it is not just in my head) there is a day that seems to radiate fantastic things every year (at least for the last five years). That magical day is September 30, and it is probably my favorite day out of the entire year!


The first time I celebrated September 30, was in 2010. I didn’t celebrate the day for being September 30; this would be the first year I would come to think about September 30 in a special way. I was celebrating because after more than ten grueling months of chemo – it was my first day chemo free. I was flipping ecstatic! I didn’t stop to think that September 30 would be a special day in the future, but I did know it would always be an important anniversary.

But in 2011, the good just kept coming, and on September 30, my husband and I (though not married at the time) closed on our house (we were both homeowning virgins at that point, though we both rented houses rather than apartments… I just noticed that). We love our house. While it may not have everything we could ever want, if we had been the first owners I can’t imagine we could have made it any more perfect for us. For example, my office has floor to ceiling built-in bookcases, a built-in writing desk AND the walls are a deep red color. People who see it, think I must have had the built-ins done or painted the walls, but nope. It was just writer-bookwork-redhead ready. 😉

Blog 132 Office

My husband also has his own office, and the two spare bedrooms (now a guest room and bonus room) were perfect for future children. One is the ‘pink room’ because its walls are pink and another a blue room (and my husband’s favorite color). Other built-in and features of our house seem to have been personalized for us, when in fact it was just all the more reason why when we saw this house, we knew… This was going to be our future home.

Blog 132 House

In 2012 and 2013, September 30 was blissfully normal. I know that doesn’t seem like much of anything, but as someone whose life was crazy from homicidal relatives, juggling brain surgeries and heart surgeries and other life stuff like bullying, teenage homelessness or being in a constant state of flux – nothing is better than just enjoying a day cuddling with my husband and our fur babies. I remember thinking on both of these days how wonderful ‘normal’ felt. Each year we had a special home cooked meal and stayed in – it was the best!

This year, we didn’t stay in or have a special meal (all right we had McDonalds, but it was like the first time in months) because my husband was exhausted from his work day and we got groceries and ran a few other errands and it got late. We actually only spent about six hours (all once he got home) with each other yesterday because of his hours at the bank and my own work commitments. But yesterday was still very special because our niece was welcomed into the world. I love our niece and nephew and now to have another niece – I am absolutely thrilled. She is so cute, and it was nice to be here for her arrival since the twins (our 3-year-old niece and nephew) were a few months old when we moved to Colorado. Roy’s brother and his wife have been trying so hard, and they are such good parents, I am so happy for them. We know how it feels to want a child more than words can express… So, yesterday was a really awesome September 30. 🙂


(September 30, is also my youngest brother’s birthday – I am the oldest of five – so at least for the past fifteen years that is just one more reason to love the day.)

I’ve said it (more than) once, but I’ll say it again – I flipping love September 30! 🙂


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