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I Exorcised The Peruvian Demon Inside Of Me

For the past 9+ days I’ve had a demon inside of me. That’s how it has felt for the last week. Hi, my name is Michael, and I am not any good at being sick. Not even a little. See … Continue reading

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The Key To Remission: It’s Just A Number Unless It’s Not

Five and half years ago, I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare autoimmune disease that only affects one out of every two million people. My immune system made antibodies that were attacking my lungs and kidneys, making them hemorrhage and … Continue reading

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The Invitation

Getting an invitation is never a nice thing when it comes to my family. I’ve decided this. It’s either an empty gesture, sometimes received after the fact or it is genuine, but that is even worse. Because then I have … Continue reading

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Now That It’s Back… Starting Over Again

I sent my memoir out to a writer who I trust completely to tear it apart, and now… it’s back. I just opened the box containing the actual pages and all of its margin comments (the person I sent it … Continue reading

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September 30 – The Best Date Of The Year!

Some days have a reputation for being better than others… I’m not superstitious or anything, but for years I was convinced my birthday was cursed. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I realized that on my … Continue reading

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