Men Are Stupid and Women Are Ugly: Kim Davis – A Case Study

I’m sure by this point everyone has heard the name: Kim Davis. If you haven’t, here it is in a nutshell: Kim Davis is a county clerk in Kentucky who has a big problem with same-sex marriage. So despite the Supreme Court stating that she had to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, she has refused. So the people in her county cannot get married unless they go to a neighboring county. The problem is (besides the obvious) this is her job. So, she is getting paid to not do her job because of her own faulty belief system (we’ll get to that in a minute). This has gone on for months, and she has asked different courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, to “save” her because issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples is violating her religious freedom, protected by the first amendment. Except it really doesn’t (again, get to that in a minute).

Anyways, following the story of Kim Davis, or trying hard to ignore it, I was struck by two things.

1 . This woman is an idiot, but not as big of an idiot as she is a hypocrite. She is all about God, and yet she has been married four times and cheated on some/all of her husbands (see below for an outline or her own martial record). So, wtf?

Kim Marital History 22 . Her appearance is being judged along with her actions, as if her inner ugliness is made evident by her appearance (and what others make of her appearance). But why are we talking about her appearance at all? Why did it come up? Because if it were Ken Davis, we would call him stupid and be done with it.

So, before I get into the ugly versus stupid, let’s be clear on something. Kim Davis is not having her religious freedom threatened. In fact, she is threatening the religious freedom of others. Here is the deal, Kim Davis is a government employee – so she must follow the government’s laws or resign. Period. And yes, she can totally resign and the county would hold elections to find themselves a new clerk. Same-sex marriage being legal does not mean any church will be forced to marry two people of the same sex, but with a government employee whose entire job is handing out marriage licenses – yeah, sucks to be her.

By refusing to marry same-sex couples based on her religious viewpoints, she is forcing those viewpoints on others. Religious freedom does not mean it protects Christians from obeying the law of the land, it means that government and religion are separate entities and the government cannot endorse or force a certain religion on someone. Which is what Kim Davis is doing. Her religion is “right” and everyone else can just go to… pray.

It’s a little irksome to see her getting away with it for as long as she has. She was finally jailed after being found in contempt but released after six days because her office was fulfilling the duties she refused to fulfill. But now she plans to stop them, meaning if the judge is true to his word, she’ll be back in jail sometime very soon. Amen! Personally, I think the only issue with same-sex marriage is that people made it an issue in the first place.

But while social media has made Kim Davis and her picture viral, I’m seeing a lot of attacks on her appearance. Comments about how could she have found a man to marry her once, let alone four times. Remarks about how ugly she is. Dog-face. Fat. Sometimes the memes and comments are vicious, other times they are attempts at humor like below:

Kim Anti GayIn any case, why in the hell are we talking about her looks in the first place? She’s stupid. She’s a hypocrite. If we want to attack her because of what she is doing, attack her ridiculous-lack-of-logic. Or the fact that she has been married FOUR times. She cheated on husband #1 with husband #3, then divorced him and married husband #2. During her second marriage she had husband #3’s babies, then divorced husband #2 for husband #3, just to divorce him to go back to husband #2. And this is the Christian Hero, defender of the sanctity of marriage… Um yeah, that’s just stupid. Sometimes you have to look for hypocrisy in action, I mean it’s easy enough to identify when it comes to beliefs, but many zealots at least pretend to care about what they preach. So when it comes to Kim Davis and commenting on her, why is the focus on how she looks rather than her glaring hypocrisy and insane logic that is not of this Earth? The answer: Because she has a vagina.

Seriously, just like female politicians are questioned about their hair or wardrobe before matters of national security or campaign platforms, this is the same thing except it’s much more negative because even Sarah Palin isn’t this stupid – and OMG that is saying something.

It’s the same thing with guys. How many times does social media or people in general attack a stupid man’s appearance? Donald Trump is ugly, but we only hear about how stupid or greedy and bigoted he is. And yes, he is all of those things, but so is Kim Davis. So why is one labeled as ugly and the other labeled as stupid?

It’s just something to think about going forward. I for one, am not going to say anything about how ugly Kim Davis is or isn’t. I might make a remark about how I wish they would just keep her in jail. Or about how stupid she is acting, how hypocritical and how she wouldn’t know real religion if it bit her in the ass. (And see how that remark did not comment on the size of her rear end?)

Kim Used Them All

Going forward in protest, every man that I think is ridiculous, bigoted, stupid or otherwise undesirable is going to be labeled as ugly, slutty, a dog, etc. And every woman that is… well Kim Davis is going to be stupid, idiotic, a moron, etc. Because women are able to be stupid and men are able to be ugly. I will not participate in the mainstream’s prescribed attacks per gender because women are more than their appearance for better or worse, and maybe it’s time to focus on the appearance of men, so people can see just how dumb focusing on anyone’s appearance really is.


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