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Our House Still Smells Like Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about two things: people we love, and food. And usually the two of them go together on this particular holiday, which is even better, we all like to decorate the house with glow in the dark pebbles … Continue reading

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It’s All About The Pumpkin… A Love Letter

It’s that time of year again. Some people dread it, some people love it, but no matter what side you fall on, you know what I’m talking about… Pumpkin is back! Personally, I love me some pumpkin. I think some … Continue reading

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Our Own Little Coffee Shop

I love coffee. Okay, a more accurate statement would be: I love sweet coffee drinks like flavored lattes and mochas. I never used to distinguish between the two, but I married a coffee snob (and one of my best friends … Continue reading

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Getting Fit With Fitbit – You Are What You Eat

Last month my husband (Roy) surprised me on Mother’s Day and got me a Fitbit. It had been something we both talked about doing, but I was genuinely surprised when he did (you can read about it here). I never … Continue reading

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Getting My Bake On: Sugar Highs And Cupcakes Of Love

I have a confession to make. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. All right, that’s a bit misleading… I have one heck of a sweet tooth! I mean I love chocolate and candy and cookies and cakes, pastries … Continue reading

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