Trump Vs. Cruz: Who Will Be The GOP Candidate (And Who Do I Want It To Be)

Let me upfront about something, because I don’t want people to misunderstand what this blog is about. I am a Libertarian, or according to my moderate-Republican husband: bleeding heart liberal radical… (but he says it with love) so I would not vote for Cruz or Trump. So why write about them? Because they are the GOP’s two frontrunners and it’s very possible (probably even likely) that one of them is going to be the official GOP presidential candidate. And I know which one I’m hoping gets the bid, simply because I am all about strategy. 😉

Now in the beginning when there were like twelve Republican hopefuls, neither Trump or Cruz were the ones I hoped would come out on top. That would actually have been Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. Why them? Well because that’s the whole point of my strategy: take the most incompetent hopeful who doesn’t have a shot at winning… and give him the bid! (See, I am a little devious at times. 😛 ) Jeb Bush was likely the most incompetent candidate. If he was won the bid and then the presidency (gasp!) nothing would ever get done. So while the economy would suffer and other things may go down, I didn’t see an all-out way, damning controversies or effective campaigns of hate following him. Because he’s just too stupid to get anything done. With Christie it was much of the same, but the biggest pro with him was that he is utterly unelectable. No one likes him, I highly doubt many in his own party would vote for him.

But now after the race has whittled out half of the original GOP hopefuls there are two obvious frontrunners, one of which surprised me: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. I’ll admit I never thought Trump would even be in the top four. I thought he would have lost so many primaries that he’d eventually just give up… I mean Trump is all theatre, with no experience and he’s so bigoted that even a bunch of Tea Partiers are like, “Whoa dude, hold up.” But here he is, a “real” possibility.

Then there is Cruz, who I did think would be one of the frontrunners and this scared the hell out of me. Because Cruz is a big baby that will shut down the government to throw a tantrum – and that’s when he’s just a senator! Imagine the damage he could do as President. I also felt (and while it makes me feel dirty to admit, because it can be seen as a compliment, here it is) that Cruz is good at the whole politicking thing. That doesn’t mean I like his politics – I don’t like them anymore than Trump’s, but I feel he knows how to play the game and get his way. He’s experienced and capable. Which in my opinion makes him ten times more dangerous.

And that’s why I was always in it for Trump to win, if it came down to the two of them. Because I thought he didn’t have a chance in hell. Because his politics actually mirror Hitler’s (immigration, minority registration – it’s sad this statement isn’t even an exaggeration). And no matter how hateful conservative extremists can be, I thought there was a line that even they wouldn’t cross…

But now I’m not so sure.

I mean I think I still believe this deep down. He won’t pass the vetting process or people who support him will wise up or he’ll do or say something because of his arrogance that is so over the line there will be no saving him… But I am a lover of logic. I am a planner, a strategist, and I have never been big on denial… And what I’m seeing, I may have to rethink this stance.

Trump and Cruz are both small-minded, arrogant and hateful men who actively discriminate against the middle and lower class, different racial minorities, LGBT people, women, etc. Their entire platforms seem to be fueled by nothing but hate and ego. No wonder they’re both in front – they’re so alike. One is just more seasoned and another amateurish.

So I think I want Trump to win, only because I still have enough faith in America and its people to believe that he would never, truly, win.

But particularly after yesterday and seeing him sweep the primaries… perhaps I need to switch teams – just a little.


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