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The Debit Card Wars

I don’t know how other marriages work, because I’ve only had the one, but from what I can gather one person usually takes care of the financial stuff like bills. For my husband Roy and me, that responsibility falls on … Continue reading

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A Mass Exodus Of Mormons Coming To A Town Near You

Earlier this month the Church of Latter Day Saints wanted to let everyone know just how they felt about “the homosexuals”. See, there may have been some confusion on the matter. Even though Mormons renounce homosexuality officially within their church, … Continue reading

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OMG, There’s A Hair – There!

It was just any other day. Cold, overcast, and I was keeping warm inside. I read, I wrote, I emailed and chatted, I cuddled with the dog – even gave the cat a treat. But finishing up in the powder … Continue reading

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Not To Be A Butt, But The Word “But” Matters

Sometimes I really think that people don’t understand the word “but”. I mean, I’m not being all grammar police here; it’s what they’re doing, or their intentions that bug the crap out of me. Mostly because using “but” the way … Continue reading

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Another Year Older – Now I Know I’m 31

It used to be that I never felt older after a birthday. I mean aging, life, is this continuing journey and it can sneak up on you – it’s not like it happens overnight, it just might seem that way … Continue reading

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