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It’s The Little Things… Little Hits of Joy I am Particularly Thankful For

I like to think that I’m generally a grateful person. I mean I might not have always been, but dying (yeah, I’ve done that before) tends to change perspective. And coming from so little (parents crazy abusive, on my own … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary 3.0: Roy’s Special Plans

Roy (my husband) is not a planner like I am, and yet he pulled off a spectacular planned out day last week (to the day actually) for our three-year wedding anniversary. He had the day off because he worked that … Continue reading

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Christmas: The 2014 Edition (Let’s Make Chinese Desserts!)

This is the best Christmas that I have had since… well I don’t know. I think it was better than 2011 and 2012 (but those were pretty great) and it definitely kicks every Christmas’s ass before 2011 and last year, … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween (It’s All About The Candy For Me)

Halloween is fun, but I’m not someone who is incredibly into the holiday, like some people I know. I have friends and family whose favorite holiday falls on October 31. For me, I like it enough. I never really got … Continue reading

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What Did You Do On May Day? Mine Involved Stake-Outs And Going Under Cover

Yesterday was May Day. When I was little I used to make May baskets for the neighbors (or at least the ones I knew and liked) and waited until they were home. Then I left the basket on their doorstep, … Continue reading

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