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AWP Strikes Out, Kate Gale Doesn’t Do It Any Favors

AWP (the Association of Writers and Writing Programs) has come under fire for its lack of inclusion and transparency. Basically, a bunch of people proposed panels geared towards “minority issues” – good God, I hate that phrase – and they … Continue reading

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Nebraska: Welcome To 2015, Please Stay Awhile

Today was a day when the fair state of Nebraska (it’s one of the ones in the middle) joined so many other states on the right side of history, and said, “Yes,” to same-sex marriage. Well, not quite. Technically, a … Continue reading

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My White Privilege: Acknowledging An Unfair And Automatic Truth In The United States

I will never understand what it is like to be black, and saying anything along the lines that I could, is ignorant. Racism bothers me, and by bother I mean it is like taking a rusty blade to my guts … Continue reading

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It’s Gay Pride Month Y’all And Look How Far We Have Come

I have always loved the month of June. It is the first month of summer, the month I was married and it also happens to be LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Pride Month, commonly referred to as Gay Pride. … Continue reading

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Social Media Support Saves Nebraska Student From A School Association’s Discrimination

I had another blog written for today (I’m a planner if you haven’t gathered yet) until a friend, Amy, made me aware of something happening right now in my home state (something I try not to claim for reasons just … Continue reading

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