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St. Patrick’s Day: Is, Isn’t And Should Be

It’s hard for people to tell that I’m Irish. I mean my fair (pale as f**k) complexion or my red curls or the thousands to freckles that adorn my every inch of my skin. The fact that I avoid the … Continue reading

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The Magic Of “Meant To Be” Stories

Every now and then, a writer needs to research something for a project. Maybe an article, maybe a book, but even when it comes to fiction, the more realistic everything is, the more accessible the piece is to the reader. … Continue reading

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The Big 100

Okay, so this isn’t the big 100, it is actually the big 101. It’s kind of crazy, but I realized that my last post was my one hundredth blog post. This is my first blog ever. I have been blogging … Continue reading

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