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This Health Kick…

“Am I doing the right thing?” I asked my husband on January 2, 2016. The right thing being, logging everything I eat into Fitbit and monitor my total caloric intake and just how much fat I was consuming. “I give … Continue reading

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Defeating The Black Hole Inside Our House: Also Known As The Pantry

Yesterday was going to be a very productive day. I was ready, set to work and my list foretold the perfect balance of actual work (business), writing, reading, exercise and house stuff. I was in that ‘ready to conquer the … Continue reading

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The Big 100

Okay, so this isn’t the big 100, it is actually the big 101. It’s kind of crazy, but I realized that my last post was my one hundredth blog post. This is my first blog ever. I have been blogging … Continue reading

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I’m Not Schizophrenic – I’m A Writer (Yes, There Is A Difference)

Do you ever hear voices in your head besides your own? Pace anxiously, trying to clear your head? Fantasize and daydream about several different scenarios, some fantastic and others terrible? Talk to yourself, as if you were interviewing someone, which … Continue reading

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When The Remission Ends

Forty-seven months ago I received news that would change my life, namely that after nearly a year I would get a life back. Not my life as I knew it or anything that resembled my old life, but a new … Continue reading

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