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Working, Writing Through Grief: Orlando and The Huffington Post

Last week I woke up, sat at my laptop, and immediately saw my Facebook feed full of sorrow and grief and shock and outrage. I learned what happened in Orlando. And I was shocked, devastated and maybe a little numb. … Continue reading

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When Did The Literary Community Become A Trump Rally/Hate Fest?

A few weeks ago while on vacation in Florida I checked my Facebook and saw my feed all atwitter. Antioch College published a piece by Daniel Harris in their winter issue – and it made people angry. Why? Because it … Continue reading

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Negative Exposure: When You’re Pinned As Something That You’re Not While The Hits Are Coming In

Last Thursday my blog exploded in terms of views. Seriously, despite my open letters to AWP and ReSound getting a ton of hits, or my commentary on the whole female nude photo leak or even my travel post about the Winchester … Continue reading

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When To Let Them Go

One of my best friends in high school once told me: “Face it, you’re a boyfriend packrat, they’re like old shoes to you. You keep them around when you don’t need them and can’t do anything with them which is … Continue reading

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A New Resolution: I Want/Need To Read More Blogs

I have a new resolution, even though we’re a quarter into the year: read more blogs. I don’t not read blogs… There are blogs that I follow, and I read them pretty regularly (once or twice per week), but the … Continue reading

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