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The Lost Girl: Musings on a Former Friend

Some people come into our lives for a short time, others longer stretches and others seemingly meant to last for the span of a lifetime. Sometimes the category someone falls into surprises us, or we simply have no idea until … Continue reading

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When To Let Them Go

One of my best friends in high school once told me: “Face it, you’re a boyfriend packrat, they’re like old shoes to you. You keep them around when you don’t need them and can’t do anything with them which is … Continue reading

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The Whole Religion Thing: A Recovering Catholic’s (Surprising?) Thoughts

I am not a religious person. I kind of feel like when I make this declaration I should brace myself for the backlash, as I get into a defensive stance. I think if someone says something along the lines of, … Continue reading

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The Buffy Experience: Sharing The World Of The Slayer

I love the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s not enough to call me a fan; I think that is an understatement. But I’m also not a delusional fanatic that believes the actors are their characters and these things happened … Continue reading

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